Introducing EMIO: a new type of hairband that makes putting your hair up fast, easy, and secure.

dsc-2507-double-loop-fingertips-5x7.jpgEMIO is patent pending and made from multi-strand stretch cord that provides the right amount of tension to keep your ponytail where you want it. It is handmade in the USA from quality materials to last for hundreds of ponytails.dsc-2476-twist-stretch-rac-2-hands-19x12.jpg

Enjoy a long-lasting worry free ponytail that eliminates problems created by other hairbands: ponytail sliding down your head throughout the day, not holding in place all day, sagging ponytails, stretched out bands that don't hold right after a couple uses, broken hairbands, trying to get your ponytail through one more loop to maybe be tight enough, pulling your hair through the band over and over, ruining curls and losing the look you worked on while you yank your hair through a tired hairband. Your ponytail will stay right where you put it until your are ready to take it out! 


Origin Story:

The idea to design a better hairband began after I decided to go back to school to become a nurse. My wife went back to being full-time nurse and I became a full-time student and stay-at-home Dad for my son and daughter.

dsc-2501-small-double-loop-5x7.jpgAfter months of struggling to do my daughter's hair with regular hairties and silicone bands, which I broke often, I asked my wife if there was any other way or any other product to help me make it easier. She said, "It is just what everyone uses and how it's always been done." I said there has to be a better way. She gave a list of things to avoid in my new endeavor to design a better hairband. My first attempts at solving this issue did not make sense to my wife, so I returned my focus back to finishing nursing school. The problems that I had with hairties and bands went to the back of my mind.

dsc-2604-close-up-ponytail-emm-19x12.jpgYears later while I was on paternity with our fourth child, I saw another broken hairband that made me revisit the idea of designing a better hairband. I told my wife about an idea of wrapping the ponytail, my wife said, "Make me one and I will try it." I made one that kind of worked but she said it was difficult to put it in her hair. I wanted it to be easier, so I went back to the drawing board and developed the double loop system. She took my new design and put it in her hair and it worked! I took the working design and added a bead and better stretch cord. She looked at the new design, put it in her hair and she loved it! I then put a ponytail in my daughters hair. I had a beautiful ponytail in 5 seconds without struggling or breaking the hairband. We knew we had something special and that we wanted to share it with everyone!