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 Using your Emio - CINCH, WRAP and SECURE!

dsc-2620-regular-hairband-19x12.jpg dsc-2624-hair-down-emio-user-guide-19x12.jpg
Put your Emio on like a regular hairband
dsc-2632-cinch-19x12.jpg dsc-2660-pulling-string-below-bead-19x12.jpg
Cinch the Emio to the desired tension maintaining tension
Pull using the cord rather than the bead to prolong life of your Emio
dsc-2636-close-up-wrapping-19x12.jpg dsc-2641-wrapped-2-to-3-times-19x12.jpg
Half of a rotation around the ponytail - you can let go of the ponytail
Use the free hand to move the ponytail out of the way as you wrap the Emio
Wrap your ponytail 2-3 times or until the desire tension is reached
*If the Emio begins to spin then stop and wrap in the opposite direction
dsc-2642-secure-bead-through-loop-19x12.jpg dsc-2645-finished-ponytail-user-guide-19x12.jpg
Slide the bead through the large loop
Enjoy the Emio all day!
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Reset Loop Instructions  
dsc-2712-emio-completely-pulled.jpg dsc-2715-push-cord-through-small-loop-19x12.jpg
Emio was cinched completely
To return the Emio to its original shape
Push the cord back through the little loop
dsc-2716-complete-pushing-cord-through-small-loop-19x12.jpg dsc-2459-in-hand-emio-19x12.jpg
Continue pushing it through Until the bead is nearly next to the little loop
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